9 Things to Consider Before Hosting a Birthday Party

Some years back, a friend of mine had a birthday. We all planned to make the party a great one. We have a tradition that a friend’s birthday is ours. So, we got into the arrangement for the birthday party.

Guess what happened!

We failed! It was the worst party we ever organised.

Up till this day, the memory still haunts. We had guests asking us to accompany them to the nearest junction while peppering us with how the party sucks.

It’s been some years since it happened and we’ve been wiser.

If you want to host a birthday party, you need to avoid the mistakes we made. Over the years we’ve analysed the mistakes and we want you to learn from them.

1. Location

You have to consider the proposed area of the event as a priority.

The location was one of the major reasons the party flunked. We had invitees cancelling their invites at the last minute because they were not comfortable with the location.

We had to walk some people to the party because they didn’t want to pass through a dark alley alone.

Some guests also had trouble finding the place. So, we spent valuable time which cut into the party time to get people to the party.

You have to choose a location that’s not only safe and secured but also accessible. Think of how your guests will get to the party. Make sure it’s somewhere that’s safe also.

 2. Food

You should not take this as trivial.

Make sure the food you’re planning to share in the birthday party is worthwhile. Few people will tell you that they are unhappy with how you shared the food, but they’ll never forget the experience.

Beyond the food, you shared, always make a plan for everyone coming.

While it’s not so cool to waste food, it’s better to have more than enough food to share than some guests not getting food. This way you’re sure that no one will leave your party hungry.

Always do a calculation of the food that’ll be enough for the day.

3. Time

We held the birthday on a nighttime one Sunday. That was a student environment, we thought. But it turns out that many guests had a test the next day and others will like to go to work early the next Monday.

We had to beg some of the guests to stay for about 30 minutes to get a glimpse of the birthday party.

Consider the time you’ll hold the party and how long you’ll spend.

You have to choose a time that is favourable to your guests. Also, ensure that the party will not linger far enough to piss off the guests.

Plan this far ahead before the party.

4. Music

This is an aspect we didn’t falter.

Music is our forte, so it wasn’t hard to get good songs that got the guests rocking themselves.

However, music is tricky.

You don’t have to take any songs and use it. You have to be sure how legal it is to play a song. Different regions have their rules on what is legal. Look it up for your region.

Not all songs are equal though. Some are party songs. Others bring soberness. You will like to choose party songs instead. The goal of the music is to make people dance not observe.

5. Theme

Our party was without a theme.

There was no predetermined dressing patterned. No party colour. Nothing different. It was just a plain vanilla party.

Choosing a party theme helps to define your party. It gives guests a sense of purpose.

You don’t need to choose a party theme. You should also define that on time. Let people know that. It’s much better than guests defining their own themes for the party.

6. Drink

What will people drink at the party?

Is it beer, spirit or soda?

Whichever drink you choose, make sure it’s one that will go nicely with your guests.

You don’t want guests to reject your drink in a large number. That will be disastrous. It will bring complications after the party. Do you return the drinks if they’re bottled?

To avoid those complications, define the drinks that your audience will favour. Then, prepare to serve them that drink.

7. Entertainment

Entertaining your audience is more than music and even food.

It’s making sure you have your guest’s attention throughout the event.

Music is great but not a great entertainment option because not everyone will dance. Some might not even like the song.

You will have to introduce other activities to the party to keep everyone in the party. Your situation is unique. Think of different ways you can spice your birthday party. Try to involve everyone in the entertainment.

8. Organisation

Don’t forget the party’s organisation.

All your plans will be nought if there’s no organisation to it.

One way to have a disorganised birthday party is to be the only one doing everything. It will turn out to be the worst party you ever attended.

If you have friends that can help with anything, give them tasks to do.

You might as well hire hands or outsource some tasks instead. Don’t try to do it alone. You will crack and it’ll show during the party. Even children party needs someone to organise the children so there won’t be chaos.

9. Post-party

At the end of the birthday party, what next?

How do you clean up after the party? You don’t need to worry after this if you’re using an event company.

What about the guests? How do they get home?

Do you have plans for guests to pass the night?

You also think of the method by which you’ll contact the guests to appreciate them for coming to the party. If you had friends who helped out during the birthday party, you need to do more than just sending them messages.

What Next?

A birthday party is more than inviting people over for a party, you need to make them feel the party. If you take the above factors into consideration and work on how to improve it, you have a higher chance of throwing a great party.

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