Birthday Gift Ideas for Children

Children birthday parties are awesome.

It’s time to show the children that they deserve love and attention.

The party in itself is not a sufficient way to show that love. This is because very few children care about a birthday party. You might find some children sleeping through their birthday party, although it’s rare.

Presenting gifts to a child at her birthday party is a great way to make the child remember the birthday party.

Since the gift is a concrete object, the child will hold on to it for as long as it is useable.

The following are some gifts you can present to a child at his birthday party.

Pretend Play Toy Kitchen

Teaching children how to cook has a lot of benefits.

Besides the health benefits of cooking, there’s also the development of motor skills and becoming independent.

You can gift a child a pretend play toy kitchen to help them develop the art of cooking.

With all the utensils needed for cooking but in a form that’s not dangerous and safe to play with, you’re setting the child to be a good cook.

There are several options available but you should make sure that it contains the basic cooking kit.

You should know that toy kitchen usually takes space which might not fit into your car boot. That should make you consider a way to get it there.

This is a legacy gift that will help any child in the future and the child will appreciate you in many years to come.

Colouring Book

A colouring book is a perfect gift for a child’s birthday.

It helps ignite creativity in a child by introducing them to colour combination and how to paint perfectly.

You can add crayon too to make a perfect gift. If you can’t, it’s fine.

Make sure that the colouring book contains themes that are important to a child cognitive and creative development. The front cover should also evoke an excitement that’ll make the child open the colouring book so that your gift doesn’t become a waste.

With those factors considered, you should wrap it in a nice jacket.

Customised Pillowcase

Liven the sleep of a child by gifting them a pillowcase that shows their information.

You can get bespoke pillowcase from printers if you live in a big city. If not, you shouldn’t worry, you can get a customised pillowcase by some print on demand online stores.

You might need to make more than one so that the child will be able to switch them. There’s nothing worse than inconsistency. It’s great that the child uses a particular type of pillowcase everyday.

This gift is a perfect one for any child. It’ll help a child have a refreshing sleep while waking up to a picture of himself.

Musical Instruments

Music is beneficial to everyone. Old and young people alike.

There’s almost no civilisation or activity that doesn’t have music in their culture.

It is thus important that you introduce children to music. Teaching them how to play music is a great way to familiarise them with music. When they’re able to play musical instruments by themselves, they can make their own music.

There are lots of benefits associated with playing musical instruments. One suggested that it helps with brain development.

The instruments you should get for the child should be sturdy. It should also be a learner type because that’ll be cheaper than the professional type.

Printed Backpacks

Backpacks are important for kids.

It can help them carry their notes or some personal items. It also helps them to be organised as learning to store things in a backpack can become part and parcel of them.

Beyond that, you can help a child show off by sending a printed backpack as a gift.

There are several ideas for printing that you can use. Animals, plants or their favourite movie characters can be great options.

You will want to ask the child first so that you don’t send a gift that wouldn’t be used. Also, be sure that the backpack is the kid’s size.

Children’s encyclopedia

Although there are lots of apps that can serve as encyclopaedia, it’s better to use a hard copy than an electronic device.

That said, children encyclopaedia is different from a regular encyclopaedia and there are several types.

Most come in hardcover. You know it’s a children book, right?

There are thousands of topics that encyclopaedia covers. You should choose one that’s exciting and have a nice colour. Skimming through will help you to get an idea about the content of the book. Some online retailers have options that’ll help you preview the book’s content before buying.

An encyclopaedia is a perfect gift for a child as it helps the child develop curiosity in several topics. 

Water bottle

Doctors advise people to drink eight glasses of water daily. This is important because dehydration causes 2.2 million death annually.

It is thus important that children learn how to drink water well.

A simple gift of a water bottle can help a child overcome this dehydration.

It’s also a gift that goes beyond drinking as it helps the child develop an environmentally friendly attitude. Reusable water cans are better than disposable water containers. The child also learns to value every drop of water that comes out of the bottle.

Ensure that the water bottle that you picked is one that’s strong enough to withstand falls. If there’s anything you should be sure of, it’s that children don’t handle things properly.

Also, make it beautiful enough that the child will want to use it.


Jewellery complements a dress. In fact, it can turn a bland dress into a great one.

There are countless pieces of jewellery available out there. Almost all of these, you’ll find the children version.

A necklace is a great piece of jewellery as it’s easy to use and inexpensive. A child can easily wear a necklace. There’s also the fact that it’s hard for a child to lose a necklace.

With art makers which you can find in websites like Etsy, artful and others, you can customise this necklace to something that a child will love.

Children blankets

You can’t go wrong with a gift of blanket for a child.

Although a blanket is not the longest lasting product in this list, with adequate care it can last long enough for the child to appreciate this gift of love.

As usual, it should be a good looking blanket that a child will love.

As a blanket is a personal stuff, you should consult the parents of the child if the child is not yours.

You should also know the preference of the child as some designs might make children uncomfortable. Use a theme that either inspires them or make them happy.

Kid Piggy banks

Teach kids the value of saving money by gifting them a special birthday gift.

There are various types of piggybanks. Some come in different shapes, with the most popular in the form of pigs, hence the name. There are still others that can only be opened once and it gets destroyed. Yet others can be opened more than once.

Make sure that whatever piggybank you’re giving the kid is a functional one. You should not forget the appearance too. Kids get drawn to picture too.

Don’t make the piggybank obvious. Instead, wrap it in something that it’s hard to know what it is.

You can use this gift to create a theme for the next birthday by asking the child how much was saved during the last year.

Reading book

Children learning to read early has a lot of benefits.

You can help a child harness these benefits by gifting them reading books. These books are specially designed to help children learn reading.

There are thousands of reading books and they are available for kids of different ages. You should know the age of the child you’re presenting the reading book. Most of these books come in beautiful colours, so attractiveness should not be a problem.

It’s a great idea to ensure that the book is simple for the child to follow along. Previewing it will give you an inkling of how the book looks like.


Little children make a mess when they’re eating. Most parents get upset by this because all their labours at making the child eat properly are in vain.

Every parent will appreciate a gift that makes their life easy. Even if you’re the parent.

You should take note of the size and colour of the placemat. The size because it has to be something that covers the area the food can fall from the child’s mouth. The colour too, because you would not want a placemat that appears disgusting after a few use.

While most placemats are portable, you should go for the ones that can easily be carried about.

Personalised Mug

You can gift a child a mug for her birthday.

While it’s great to present a mug to the child, it’s even much better to give a mug that’s customised with the child’s personal details.

The child will surely cherish the mug and will like to drink with it.

When growing up, I had a mug that was customised with my favourite cartoon character. I loved it! I know there are a countless number of children that will like it too.

Stuffy animals

There’s hardly any child that doesn’t like stuffy animals.

Most children grew up with a stuffy animal with stuffy bears being the most popular ones.

Today, you can find a stuffy version of any animal. You can even get a customised stuffy animal of your choice on Etsy.

Before presenting any stuffy animal to a child, you have to consider both the parents and the child. The parents because some people have aversion to some animals due to stories or experience. Then the child because that’s who will spend time with the stuffy animals. In most cases, the parents’ judgement supersedes that of the child.

Conversely, you might trust your judgement when giving the child the gift, as you’re only presenting a gift.

Children storybook

Expand the imagination of a child by gifting a storybook to a child.

This does not need to be said, but there are lots of storybooks for children you can get. Although it’s just stories, you should be careful with the type of storybook you’re giving to the child. Some books have contents that are not suitable for a child.

Storybooks are usually short and can be consumed in a short period. It’ll make sense to get more than one for the child.

Equally important is to avoid series except you’re buying the full series. There’s nothing worse than getting someone to taste a sumptuous meal and then taking the food away from them.

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