How Long Should a Birthday Party Last?

“Remember that time is money”, so said Benjamin Franklin in 1748.

We see that observation in our everyday life, almost 275 years after Franklin made that statement. At the train station, everyone is checking the time. In fast-paced cities like New York and Shanghai, you see nobody willing to lose a second.

With this prudence of time, people want every single second of their time to count.

If you’re hosting a birthday party, you should make sure that every minute spent by a guest at the party is worth it. One way to do that is to determine how long your party should last.

A brief party is a waste of time as much as a lengthy party.

Except you’re doing a very small party with your household and a few neighbours from the next house, you’ll need people to take a means of transportation to your selected area for the party.

You don’t just decide how long a party should last; you have to take some certain variables into consideration.

Age of Major Guests

The average age of the invitees has a big role to play in determining the length of a birthday party.

For instance, two-year-old children will not stay long in a party before getting distracted. Teenage parties, on the other hand, need a curfew to close because the teens are never tired of dancing.

The more activities, the longer a party will turn out. It’s only young people that can wait that long for a party. Children and old people can’t.

Time of the Party

The period at which the party holds can impact the length of the party.

A party held in the afternoon will take less time compared to one holding in the night due to people wanting to do other things. So, people will be less committed to the party.

It is thus important to take note of the time.

The Event Centre 

Where you’re holding the event is also an important factor to consider when timing your birthday party.

If it’s at your house, you might need to be flexible with it. No one will ask you to lock your house except there’s a security situation.

Different event centres have their rules. Some might want to close at a particular hour. Others might charge per hour instead of a full day. You should consider that in planning how long your birthday party will be.

Location of Guests

Not all your guests will live close to you.

Some might live in another part of your city or a different suburb.

You need to consider them when you’re planning your party. You will not want a party to end at midnight and some guests live at about 50km from your place.

The Ideal Time

With the following factors outlined, you should be able to plan your birthday party to meet a reasonable period.

The following can help:

  • Children aged 1 – 2: Not more than 1 hour.
  • Children aged 3 – 4: Not more than 1 hour, 30 minutes.
  • Children aged 5 – 6: Not more than 2 hours.
  • Children aged 7 – 8: Not more than 2 hours, 30 minutes.
  • Children aged 9 – 10: Not more than 3 hours.
  • Children aged 11 – 12: Not more than 3hours, 30 minutes

For children older than 12, birthday parties can last up to 4 hours, however, you should put an eye on everyone in the party so it doesn’t get to a point when the party is boring.

For old people, the party can go for as long as it can. But make sure that there are activities for the participant, so they don’t feel bored.

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