How to Send Birthday Invitation

If you find yourself asking when you should send a birthday party invitation, you’re not alone.

Countless people want to know the best time to do that.

You also might worry about the best way to send a birthday invitation that meets the etiquette of a civilized society. Worry no more.

This article will show you the best way to send a birthday invitation and make that day a great day.

Invite Your Friends First

When sending your invitation card, your friends should be the first people you passed the invitation to. This means you have to do it weeks before you send out the invitation to other people.

This action will also ensure that your friends help spread the details of the birthday party.

They also get to know the role that they’ll play during the party. Remember that except you’re managing the birthday with an event company, you’ll be overwhelmed by the tasks and activities of the birthday if you do it alone.

Talk to Parents, In Case of a Child

Many children can be extremely selective especially when it comes to their party.

“I don’t want Jimmie here”, you might have heard some children say that. Most times it comes with calamity. 

It will be the finality in most cases.

But since you need your child to be happy, you need to invite only people they’re comfortable with. However, that presents some problems when inviting guests as some children will feel bad when not invited.

Instead, send invitations through parents. For those, your child won’t want to come, give their parents good reasons why they’re not invited or the invitation is declined. Make sure you don’t say something negative.

When to Send Invitations

You should send out invitations on time.

A good rule of thumb is to send at least two weeks before the event. This is even debatable except for people close to you.

Birthday invitations can also be too early. Sending invitations more than six weeks from the birthday party can also be a recipe for disaster. Who in the world will remember a birthday party in seven weeks?

Notwithstanding, you should know a thing about the people you’re sending invitations to. Make sure that the invitation reaches them at the right time.

Sending Reminder

Always remind your invitees about the birthday party.

This should be a few days before the party. You might also try a week before then. You can personalise this one too. Send reminders based on the common habits of invitees. Some people need to be reminded a few hours before an event hence they miss it.

At this stage, take the medium of communication into play.

Think of the preferred communication channel of your invitees. Is it email, IM, text or phone calls? The medium should also be one that can reach the invitee on time. Not one that the invitee will ask you whether you sent them a reminder.

Make Your Birthday Party Awesome

Birthday parties can be a fun-filled if the right people are there.

Sending invitations at the right time and dropping in a nice reminder is the way to make these people show up for your party.

So, do it!

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